We do everything for selective excellence. Apart from compromises.


Selective excellence means giving your best at all times for your clients and partners. Creating clear added value and allowing trust to grow by way of excellent results. In doing so, TrainerAgentur does not take the easy option, but on occasion does enjoy taking the most challenging one. As the active partners and managing directors of TrainerAgentur, Gaby Vesen-Kramp and Hans-Eberhard Vesen are committed to this principle. Give us a challenge.


You need to be familiar with the market to recognise excellent trainers, consultants and coaches. As a successful and independent trainer, Gaby Vesen-Kramp has been familiar with both sides of the market for many years. The graduate in business administration is, therefore, in a position to draw up in full and evaluate trainer profiles and customer requirements. For successful recommendations. In every respect.

Hans-Eberhard Vesen:

You can only really move forward if someone really understands you: Hans-Eberhard Vesen is familiar with the internal structures and operating processes of groups thanks to his 20 years of professional experience. This applies to major companies and SMEs in equal measure. A five-year additional training programme in coaching and consulting for organisations and companies as well as ongoing further training, round off his range of skills.