Actually, a high-calibre performer is required to do one thing only. Make the difference.


High-calibre performers are a rare breed. Relations with our selected trainers, consultants and coaches are, therefore, characterised by trust and particular respect.

Ultimately, they not only marked themselves out methodically and professionally in our selective excellence process, they are also convincing thanks to their fascinating personalities.

Together we lay claim to "selective excellence" as a way of life. In dealings with our customers and amongst ourselves characterised by partnership and a solution-oriented approach.


Before trainers request cooperating with us, they should ask themselves the following questions...


Not everyone can be a conductor, pianist or high-calibre at the TrainerAgentur. For this reason: Before establishing contact with us for the first time, please take a moment and read through our questions. If you are in clear agreement with us on these, we should meet each other.

-  Are there aspects concerning consulting, coaching and training you excel at? By means of which you clearly distinguish yourself from the crowd of

-  What personal characteristic do you display that contributes to making you a genuine high-calibre?

-  How do you successfully deploy your innovative strength, continuous further training and project experience to ensure you set yourself apart from the
-  Are you successful at sustainably positioning yourself and your services on the market in an autonomous and top-class manner?